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The Washington State Investment Board offers a variety of competitively procured contract opportunities to enhance our service delivery and help us fulfill our mission.

For general questions regarding contracting with the WSIB and any questions regarding the procurement process, please contact Phil Brady, Legal Services Specialist, at (360) 956-4748, fax (360) 956-4784, or email at:
Research Advisory Services Consultants Search RFQQ #08-03
The Washington State Investment Board seeks to contract with researchers to create a pre-qualified pool of researchers from various academic disciplines to provide advisory research and consulting on an as-needed project basis. In addition to providing ad-hoc research, the WSIB is also interested in establishing a strategic research advisory council made up of a combination of academics from various disciplines to provide ongoing advice to the WSIB on the establishment and development of the research program. The WSIB envisions the strategic research advisory council would:
Advise the WSIB’s research director, management team, and the Board on the development of the research program
Act as a peer to review research methods and advise on conclusions
Meet with WSIB staff and review our analysis several times a year
Help the WSIB to "think outside the box"
Potentially present at an annual research workshop for the Board to highlight findings of the program
Research Advisory Services Consultants Search RFQQ #08-03
Letter of Intent to Bid - Exhibit A
Minimum Qualification Certificate - Exhibit B
Questionnaire - Exhibit C
Certifications and Assurances Form - Exhibit D
Fee Schedule - Exhibit E
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