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All meetings are held at:
Washington State Investment Board
Board Conference Room
2100 Evergreen Park Drive S.W.
Suite 100
Olympia, Washington 98502

Regular meeting times are:
Board 9:30 am
Private Markets 9:00 am
Public Markets 1:00 pm
Audit 9:00 am
Admin TBD
Agendas and Minutes:
Please note: Minutes for each meeting are not posted until they are approved by the Board at the following meeting (assuming there is a quorum).
Provisions for public meetings during "Stay Home, Stay Healthy"
Our Board and Committee meetings will be accessible to members of the public by dial-in teleconference only. Physical in-person attendance will not be permitted, nor will the Board receive verbal public comment at the Board meeting. Additional information will be posted closer to the actual dates of upcoming meetings. As always, written comments may be submitted to our Board members via our website reception mailbox:

To request a dial-in number for audio attendance of a WSIB meeting, please email your specific request to our Board administrator prior to the start of the meeting. Thank you for your understanding as we all do our part for public health and safety.
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