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The tangible asset portfolio invests in non-financial assets having physical substance that are used in the production or supply of goods and services. The portfolio focuses on upstream and midstream segments in four main industries: minerals and mining, energy, agriculture, and society essentials. Each has a different return attribute which provides diversification benefits to the overall CTF portfolio.

The externally-managed partnerships are expected to generate returns, on whole, higher than fixed income but lower than equities. It is anticipated that the assets will have a large portion of the return attributed to annual distributions of income generated by the assets with the remainder due to capital appreciation commensurate with inflation.

Tangible assets were established as a separate asset class in 2007 and implemented in 2008. Over time, we expect to create a well-diversified, global tangible asset portfolio with a variety of partners spread among the target sectors noted above, each with their own level of investment risks, style, and geographic diversification.
Portfolio Allocation by Geography & Sector
Private Equity, Real Estate, and Tangible Assets are all on the same page
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