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Public equity is an asset class where individuals and/or organizations can buy ownership in shares/stock of a company through a public market such as the New York Stock Exchange. The WSIB invests globally in both U.S. and International equity, including emerging markets equity.

Public equity investments represent a large portion of the Commingled Trust Fund (CTF) and there are also significant holdings in Washington's self-directed defined contribution plans. Public equities are also used in the insurance funds, permanent funds, prepaid college tuition, and other state trust funds.

The WSIB's Public Equity Unit oversees all aspects of this asset class which include program structure, policy development, implementation, external investment manager selection and program monitoring.

The public equity program uses a global benchmark, the MSCI ACWI Investable Market Index, reflecting the globalization of capital markets.
Public Equity External Manager Opportunities
Equity Structure of the Commingled Trust Fund
Public Equity Policy - Retirement Funds
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