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Fixed income investments are an important part of most institutional portfolios as they offer diversification from a pure equity portfolio to help control overall volatility. Examples include U.S. treasuries and government agencies, treasury inflation protection securities (TIPS), corporate debt, mortgage-backed securities, collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO), asset-backed securities (ABS) and commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS).

WSIB staff internally manages fixed income investments for separate portfolios including the Commingled Trust Fund (CTF), Plan 3 retirement funds, Deferred Compensation Program (DCP) Savings Pool, Labor & Industries, Permanent Funds, GET College Tuition Program, Developmental Disabilities Endowment Fund (DDEF), and Washington State Opportunities Scholarship Fund.

WSIB’s fixed income unit has many varying responsibilities, including portfolio management and trading, credit research and analysis, and risk management and database analytics.

Depending on long-term objectives and allocation constraints as established by Board policy or state law, fixed income may be the only investment for some fund portfolios. It may also be part of diversified asset mix, as is the case for the CTF and DCP.
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