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Plan 3 Overview
Plan 3 retirement systems for teachers (TRS 3), school employees (SERS 3), and public employees (PERS 3) are hybrids that offer a combination of defined benefit and defined contribution features.

How are these hybrid plans set up?
Employer contributions finance the defined benefit component of the plan.
Members (employees) finance the defined contribution component.
What happens with the defined contribution component?

Members select one of two investment programs for their contributions:
The WSIB Total Allocation Program (TAP) is identical to the Commingled Trust Fund providing a portfolio mix of asset classes not typically available in other investment program
The Self Directed Investment Program provides a menu of funds allowing participants to design portfolios consistent with their individual retirement objectives, investment skills, and risk tolerances. How options are selected
Retirement income generated by either the TAP or the Self Directed Investment options depends on what members contribute and how well their investment choices perform.
Contribution Rates
Market Value Distributions
Plan 3 Market Values
Plan 3 Performance
For additional performance information on the Plan 3 investment options, including the most recent daily valuations visit the DRS Plan 3 Investments Section.

Note: Holdings will be posted annually on a lagged basis
WSIB TAP Fund Retirement Maturity Strategy Fund
Social Balanced Fund Retirement Strategy Fund 2005
U.S. Large Stock Fund Retirement Strategy Fund 2010
U.S. Small Value Stock Fund Retirement Strategy Fund 2015
Global Equity Fund Retirement Strategy Fund 2020
Emerging Markets Equity Fund Retirement Strategy Fund 2025
Bond Market Fund Retirement Strategy Fund 2030
Money Market Fund Retirement Strategy Fund 2035
Retirement Strategy Fund 2040
Retirement Strategy Fund 2045
Retirement Strategy Fund 2050
Retirement Strategy Fund 2055
Retirement Strategy Fund 2060
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