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The assets for the public retirement plans invested by the WSIB are pooled into a Commingled Trust Fund to help control risk and ensure stronger performance overall. Most of these pension systems are strictly defined benefit programs including the 1 & 2 plans for public employees, teachers, law enforcement officers and firefighters, state patrol, volunteer fire fighters, and judges.
As of September 30, 2018: $102.6 billion
Asset Class Market Value (000s) Target Allocation Current Allocation
Fixed Income $ 22,207,475 20.00% 23.14%
Tangible Assets $ 4,376,269 7.00% 4.27%
Real Estate $ 17,193,432 18.00% 16.76%
Public Equity $ 36,322,129 32.00% 34.89%
Private Equity $ 21,252,483 23.00% 20.71%
Innovation $ 86,172 0.00% 0.08%
Cash $ 1,161,535 0.00% 0.15%
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