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As of September 30, 2018, the total market value of these trust funds was $1.4 billion.
GET College Tuition Program - This was created to invest money received from the sale of pre-paid college tuition credits. The GET program is administered by the Advanced College Tuition Payment Program Committee.
Developmental Disabilities Endowment Trust Fund - This was created as a means to encourage and support families as they plan for the long-term care needs of individuals with disabilities. In addition to investment earnings, the trust fund is supported by public dollars and private contributions.
Washington State Opportuntities Scholarship Fund - This fund was created by the Washington State Legislature to encourage student participation in high employer-demand programs of study. The WSOS funds are comprised of two distinct pools of assets each comprised of private funds and state matching funds.

The Family Medical Leave Insurance Fund exists in statute but is not currently funded.
Advanced College Tuition Payment Program Policy
Developmental Disabilities Endowment Trust Fund Policy
Washington State Opportunity Scholarship Fund Policy
Other Trust Funds Investment Policy
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