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The WSIB's overriding fiduciary responsibility is grounded by a mission of maximizing investment return at a prudent level of risk for the exclusive benefit of fund participants and beneficiaries.

To fulfill this responsibility, we rely on global diversification, long-term strategies, and rigorous research disciplines. We also evaluate an evolving range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, and we expect our investment partners and the companies in which we invest to meet high standards in their management of ESG issues. All of this affects our long-term ability to responsibly address risks and opportunities in the marketplace.

To this end, the WSIB employs two vital programs:
Asset Stewardship: Our asset stewardship efforts include core corporate governance practices of proxy voting, engagement with companies, and collective involvement with a select number of industry groups that share our beliefs and interests.
ESG Integration: Exposures to ESG factors such as climate change, diversity, and workers' rights can materially impact the investment decision making process, from strategic asset allocation to selecting individual investment strategies. Our ESG integration efforts involve continually evaluating newly emerging data sets, frameworks, and analysis. Where appropriate, this information is used to inform our investment decisions and many aspects of our investment process.
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